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Our Sale Closing Tools

We would like to invite you to improve your sales, by using the best, proven sale-closing tools available. Call 800-458-SOAP (7627) to learn how. As a partner, we will provide you with all of the assistance that you need in order to close more deals. All of our assistive sales tools, including our website are designed with this in mind. Below are links to some of our best sale closing tools.


Need Leads? Water Test Lead Generator (¿Necesita contactos?)

Learn how to get super qualified leads emailed to you! An easier and less expensive twist on the water test door hanger!


Spray On Soap ScumAssistive Sale Closing Program

Learn how to use this super effective and fun closing tool! Liquid Soap Products offers highly effective closing solutions!


• Hard Water and Chemical Injection SystemHumorous Sale Closing Flyer

Learning how to use this FREE Sales Tool will improve your sales! Call us for the script and a printable PDF version!


Pure SelectsAssistive Sale Closing Program

This total brand relaunch is the perfect point to jump in for dealers new to our site. These products are our most ecologically-sound and safe to date. Featuring a totally redesigned guide book, products, and more, we can close the deal on even the most eco-friendly household.


Pure Selects® Brand Product Information Site

Featuring a retail store, with retail prices, you'll be able to use this site to show the customer just how much money they will save by adding the actual number of products the concentrates make to see the actual dollar amount saved.


The Fresh Soap Program Demonstration App

Use the app to clearly explain the cost saving power of our wonderful products. Now available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, and as a PDF file for desktops and laptops.


GoHealthy360 Membership Kit

This is a sales tool that features six of our most popular catalogs and promo pieces in one professional folder. Your customers can view the products, plan their orders, and get excited. Use of this product dramatically lowers cancellation rates.


The Dealmaker Demo Kit & Starter Set

You demonstrate to your potential customer the value of using concentrates, the importance of reusable dispensers, and the power of pure, treated water to make your own soap, all in their own home.


Super Simple Pitch!– Anyway DollarsPromotional Materials

Our Anyway Dollarspromotional materials are available for use in closing the difficult customer. This material concisely shows how they will be spending the money anyway! Available in large, poster-size, fold-out brochures and in digital form for use on your mobile devices.


Natural Visions® Fragrance Sample Kit

Your team can close more sales when the customer can smell what they will be getting. This high-quality demo case contains aromatic jars of Natural Visions® fragrances. Paired with our Fragrance ChoiceWorksheet, you will be able to funnel your potential customers to a final sale.


Natural Visions® Brand Product Information Site

Featuring all of this great brands products, we put the information right in your hands. Show the customer how they will save time and money with our concentrates.


Dealer Delivery Programs

Our Dealer Delivery Programs are one of the easiest ways to improve your closing statistics! We ship you products in bulk to your warehouse. You can make the promise to deliver their soap products upon installation of your product.


Digital Document Library, powered by issuu

Digital copies of most of our promotional materials in a format easy to use on any device. Powered by our friends at issuu, now you can take the sale anywhere, anytime.


GoHealthy360.com Wholesale Membership Site and Business Center

By visiting the site, you and your customers can learn more about our company and see the value in their wholesale products that will allow them to save money immediately! When you, the dealer, log in to the site, you will be redirected to your personalized Business Center where you can easily maintain your inventory and manage your relationships with us and your customers.


GoHealthy360 Wholesale Membership Whitepaper and Survey Results

How are we doing? Why not ask the customers? Check out the survey data and the whitepaper here.


Products Price Comparison Whitepaper (Natural Visions®)

Liquid Soap Products is committed to affordability. We monitor the prices of our competitors products in the “green” and “earth-friendly” sector. We do this to ensure that our retail products are affordable for families who are committed, like we are, to making a difference. We believe the quality and affordability of our retail products are the best they can be.


LSP Success Checklist

This checklist was compiled drawing on our many years of experience in the water industry. Our objective is to assist your entire team in improving the selling process so that we can ultimately help more people get good water in their homes.


Time Tested Tools

These are the Time Tested Tools from Liquid Soap Products. These sales tools have proven themselves over and over again, helping to land hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. These programs are indispensable to your business! Call 800-458-SOAP (7627) to order or learn more.


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